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John N Mason

Sunshine Coast Artist. Attended Chelsea School of Art, Lime Grove, London 1963/64. I left The Economist Newspaper London in 1967 to move to Australia. I worked as an illustrator in the advertising world. Now retired and starting to paint and draw in earnest again, not that I ever stopped. But now I have the opportunity to spend much more time on MY art rather than illustrating as the client wanted. I’m expecting it to be a long journey of discovery. I have many thoughts rattling around in my head as to potential art paths to follow.

After spending many years painting in oils, I changed to acrylic as it can be used like watercolour or oil paints. Thick impastos are quicker and easier, plus the paint itself (Atelier Interactive Acrylic) is very durable and light-fast, although somewhat expensive. All my canvases are re-primed with two coats of Gesso to ensure adhesion to the substrate, the same goes for paintings on paper unless I’m using acrylic in the style of watercolour in which case the pigment is absorbed into the paper. To ensure paint stability, whenever I use washes or glazes I use a binding medium rather than dilute excessively with water alone.

Occasionally I draw something in pencil just for the fun of it. I’m busy exploring the concept of Soundscape paintings, which is very challenging. In between Soundscapes I paint smaller realistic works that I sell online @ Art Finder or Art Lovers or @bluethumb

Why the initial N in my name is important, well John Mason is a very common name and there are loads of John Masons that are artists, so I need something to separate me from the other artists called John Mason.

Any day that I don’t paint or draw something feels like a wasted day.


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