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Marine Paintings – Great Barrier Reef

Famous for the accuracy of the creatures in his underwater artwork, John’s artwork is like having an aquarium in your home.
John’s artworks feature in collections in Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, and USA

Sometimes John uses a brush, often it’s a palette knife. It’s nearly always using Atelier Artists’ acrylic paints. The subject matter varies largely depending on what’s happening in my world. John’s Marine Painting series draws on his early years as a member of Broken Bay Game Fishing Club and more importantly, on his years of sailing, and snorkeling around the islands of the Great Barrier Reef in the Whitsundays Queensland where John lived for many years—creating imagined Great Barrier Reef paintings.
Artwork created using a palette knife gives a rich impasto to his artwork, textural as in the ‘Workboots’ painting seen above. Using an airbrush gives vivid intense colours as seen in the artwork ‘Machinery’ above. Airbrush art takes longer and needs to be controlled and planned, so it doesn’t easily lend itself to the emotional responses such as needed in Soundscapes. A palette knife allows an artist to be more expressive.

Any day that I don’t paint or draw something feels like a wasted day.