Abstract Artworks

Most of these artworks have acrylic impasto giving a three-dimensional aspect to the works. Usually, they are created using various palette knives giving a rich thick feel. Although a few are airbrushed which produces intense colours as well as subtlety.

  • Golden Rectangles explores the Golden rule – the rectangles in this work are scaled according to the golden rule
  • Machinery 1, is a realistic abstract, in that the machinery looks realistic but doesn’t really exist
  • Machinery 2, is the same machinery seen from 90 degrees
  • Wind is exploring the feeling of wind through the leaves
  • Ross River Fever is a vision whilst in the grip of the fever in the night
  • Coaster Girl is based on a doodle on the back of a beer coaster
  • Red is a watercolour experiment

Like my Soundscapes these artworks are signed Johnot. The reason for that is; over the years I have produced hundreds of artworks, mainly as an illustrator, that are signed JNMason and I  wanted to distinguish my fine artworks from my illustrations and realistic artwork.


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